Chris McWilliams

Heather did a great job at our annual meeting! Heather is an upbeat, lively, energetic speaker that is very knowledgeable about relational currency and how it can benefit your business and personal life. She is an inspiring storyteller that relates her topic to relevant business and personal experience. Far from being a typical death-by-PowerPoint presentation, Heather's presentation left an impression on the audience, that made us want to come back for more. 

Nathan Wright

Heather Ball provided our job network team with an influential and powerful delivery on the power of networking the right way.  Her views are fresh and very relevant....Her insight into my identity helped me define a different path for my job search and helped me land my next job!  Thank you Heather!

Bethany Kimbell

Heather was a natural in her speaking ability and engaged the audience.  She also gave an assignment that allowed us to implement what she had spoken about.  It was a pleasure to hear her wisdom.

ChanMi Kwag

Manager, Winter Olympics 2018

Heather is not only an outstanding coach but a great mentor.  She has been a great help for me to achieve outstanding outcomes at work.

Pieter Muller

Heather's natural ability to lead and bring clarity to situations made her a fantastic CEO and member of the Board.  Her mediation skills are equal to none and it is like a work of art seeing her use her skills.

Your Name Here

Heather came and spoke to our group and inspired us to tackle our work week like the adventure it was meant to be.  Her enthusiasm and insights inspired us all as she connected so easily with each person in the auditorium.