EQ Starts With You

What are you thinking and saying?  Self awareness is the beginning of exceptional emotional intelligence.  Learn to apply EQ principles in specific pragmatic ways for uncovering amazing business opportunities.

EQ for the Tech-Minded

Emotional Quotient or EQ Currency is necessary for the progress of your business or career, but you would be surprised how much you already have banked in you current relationships.

About Me

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Living the Adventure

Life is an adventure.  Embrace it.  My experience as an executive of an online startup in Austin Texas serving the construction industry has provided many opportunities for adventure in business.  However, I believe that my life overseas with three small children and my journey with Christ regarding the meaning of life has been even more exciting.  I love the outdoors, sailing, camping, kayaking, reading, and solving business problems.  

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Keynotes and Workshops

As an experienced inspirational speaker, I bring a fresh perspective of hope and excitement to the day to day operations of a business through humorous personal stories of inspiration like my journey from 3 jobs to pay for college to living in the Penthouse in Mazatlan, Mexico or life in Rural Korea.  

My experience facilitating many kinds of discussions and my ability to draw priceless insights from the quietest of members provides a rich and enjoyable experience for all.  See a sample of topics below.

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Excitement can be wonderful, like a trip of a lifetime.  It can also be an exciting difficulty or even tragic.  In either case, it is important to consider our reaction most carefully.  Because it is our response that more clearly defines our future.  What we pursue and why, have an impact on our entire life and our businesses.  Begin today to better understand the why behind where you are and where you are headed.  Contact me to schedule your initial coaching call at no charge.

Diogenes and Life in God

An abundant life in Christ is the best business decision that you can make.


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EQ Currency

Wilderness Retreat

Wilderness Retreat

Learn the most effective way to value those relationships that are valuable.  Focus energy consistently to develop and maintain productive, reciprocal relationships.  Whether you are growing a network to expand sales or solidifying the relationships among your talented team members, it is all about currency.  Fun and interactive activities that leave the audience feeling great about the good they do.

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Wilderness Retreat

Wilderness Retreat

Wilderness Retreat

UNPLUG YOUR TEAM!  And reunite through the ties that bind you together.  Are the things you are doing now producing the desired results and what are the alternatives anyway? Eliminate the tyranny of the URGENT through a wilderness retreat and discover hidden opportunities.  

Corporate Speaker  Business Professional Retreat Strategic Planning 

Heather S. Ball, Professional Speaker in Austin

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EQ Mindset

Wilderness Retreat

EQ Mindset

The power of your subconscious mind is incredible.  This talk will inspire you with practical steps to harness that power for your joy and effectiveness at work and life.  "As a man thinks, so is he."  The trouble is we don't think much about our thoughts and emotions.  Your group will leave this seminar with a clear understanding of simple adjustments in their thinking and emotional responses that will produce amazing transformation.


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